• 1How did Melody react when Oliver jumped out of his fish bowl?
  • 2Why was Melody upset after the practice test?
  • 3Why did Melody have to stay after school?
  • 4What was Melody's favorite type of music?
  • 5What was Melody's favorite song?
  • 6How did Melody feel about having a new little sister?
  • 7What was the first thing Melody typed on her MediTalker?
  • 8Who are the main charecters?
  • 9What encouraged Melody to get the MediTalker?
  • 10Why was Melody so annoyed before getting the MediTalker?
  • 11What grade is Melody in?
  • 12Who did Melody go to the aquarium with?
  • 13Who did Melody write about in her report?
  • 14What is the significance of the cover of the book?
  • 15What core democraic value is being displayed when Melody is trying to make the whiz kids team?
  • 16Why did everyone leave Melody behind? 20 Why was Melody unable to compete in the final compitition?
    21 Why did Melody have a melt down in the store?
    22 What colors did Melody imagine country music as?
    23 Why did Claire say that she ate lunch with Melody everyday?
    24 What is the strongest part of Melody's body?
    25 What two charecter education traits does Melody have to adjust to her surroundings and follow her dreams?
    26 What core democratic values did the team violate by leaving Melody behind?
    27 What was Dr. Hugley's role in the book?
    -Tori and Jacquelyn room 216